Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair

Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair Review

The Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair is an excellent chair for its price range. It was easy to assemble and came with excellent instructions- they even included pictures to make the instructions more clear. I did have an issue getting the last bolt in, but that may have been user error versus their error. Either way, it does not take a tool guru to make it happen. It just takes a little patience.Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair
While the chair is very comfortable to begin with, I did find the chair was not as comfortable after several hours of sitting, so it is important to consider how long you normally spend sitting at one time before purchasing. The adjustable seat goes very high, which is good if you work at a taller desk. Furthermore, it has a nice high back, so accommodates those of us who are on the taller end of the scale. There is even a little “hump” that goes into my lower back that I find extremely comfortable. I did find that a little pillow on the seat helped make it more comfortable.
The swivel works well. Also, the back of the chair reclines slightly, which is great for being able to stretch out and not get up. Or to just lean back and have a snooze, haha. This makes it vary versatile for moving around a large desk as well. You can roll or reach really easily. I have a large L-Shaped desk and have appreciated this aspect very much

All in all, this is a great chair for the price.

1) Easy to assemble, took me under 30 minutes
2) Comfortable reclining
3) Adjustable seat that you can move vertically to suit.
4) Swivels very smoothly.
1) Lack of lumbar support.
2) When working for long periods, the chair can cause a some pain.
3) It is made from that cheap faux leather