Lady Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose hair is an embarrassing problem especially for women. When a woman is starting to notice that her nose hair is becoming visible she should purchase a lady nose hair trimmer to get rid of this unwanted hair.


When a woman is looking for a nose hair trimmer there are some things she should consider. The trimmer should be slim so that it can fit around the nose, example here. It should also be lightweight so she can trim the hairs and move on. An additional benefit is if the trimmer is discreet. Some of the trimmers are designed to look like a tube of lipstick so no one has to know what it is really being used for.


The blades of the nose hair trimmer should be sharp. The duel edges on the blades as well as a rotating motion will cut the hair quickly. There should be an inner set of blades so that it cuts the nose hair and does not pull or tug at it as that can be painful. Some of the nose hair trimmer can be used on other delicate regions of the body as well.

Protectiongirl nose hair trimmer

While the blade do need to be sharp they need to protect the skin as well. The nose is a delicate area. Most nose hair trimmers do have a skin guard that will shield the skin from the sharp blades. This will protect the skin and allow the trimmer to get to the hair without a problem.’ Many trimmers can be clean in water that is warm and soapy.

Nose hair can be embarrassing for many women. The nose hair trimmers that are designed for ladies will help end the embarrassment of nose hair . A woman will get to remove this embarrassing hair and will not have to worry about pain or cuts from the trimmer. We love this particular trimmer

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